UPIT Clogged Drain Spring Cleaner Snake Auger Toilet Sewer Kitchen Sink Bathtub Plumber Clog Remover (50FT (15meter))


  • EASY! – it cleans clogged drain easily along the curves of the drain with the durable structure of the long spring. The length of the cleaner is same as professional equipment but cheaper!
  • HYGIENIC STORAGE! – the cleaner can be stored hygienically by wind up the cable in the assembled container.
  • 1. Loosen the stop screw. 2. Put spring into drain until it gets clogged area then fasten the stop screw. 3. Turn knob on storage clockwise. 4. Loosen stop screw and take out the spring wire slowly to remove the clogged matter.
  • It is good use for clogged piping of all drainage including garden drain, sink, toilet, toilet drain, shower drain, washing machine drain, etc
  • Size: 6 x 12.5 inch